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Lexington Silver is a Kentucky corporation formed in 2015 by Fran Taylor and Guy Hurley.

The goal of the company is to produce new products inspired by the work of Kentucky silversmith Asa Blanchard (1787-1838), specifically his iconic barrel beaker. The barrel beaker was an instant classic and a handful of examples exist today -- some in museum collections and others closely held by serious ... Read more about Lexington Silver »

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MANHATTAN GATOR-STYLE!Here’s where “Doin’ the Gator” takes on a whole new meaning. We sure don’t want to find alligators in the backyard or swimming in the (ahem) sewers of New York – but we are all for finding them on the bar of any Gator fan – especially when there is a Manhattan involved! This stirrup cup is a fun, well-fanged creature when at rest and stands on its head at cocktail hour. Cheers!I slice of fresh orange (a half-moon is fine)2 Maraschino cherries (or even better, macerated fresh cherries)3 oz. Kentucky Bourbon2 dashes of Angostura bittersA splash of Ginger aleIn a cocktail shaker or large glass muddle together the orange slice and cherries. Add 2 dashes of Angostura bitters. Fill shaker with ice and pour in the bourbon. Stir until icy cold, then strain into your waiting ...
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